All water softeners are $950-1450 (depending on sizing) installed for our spring special! Spring time is the best time to buy softeners, because all the suppliers are trying to get rid of slowing stock for the season.

We now have a great team that serves all of Calgary.

We only use the best/most efficient on the market. That means less trips to go pick up those heavy bags of salt.

Soft water saves you MONEY! It protects and prolongs the life of anything your water touches. Hot water tanks, dishwasher, showers, drains, water lines, coffee pots, etc.

Also the active ingredient in soap that cleans will bind with the calcium in hard water, making all soaps less powerful. Use less soup everywhere; dishwasher, laundry, hand soup, all cleaning products, shampoo, etc.

Contact us for more information or an estimate.

Northstar North Star water softener softner



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